Claiming Your Business Profiles
The process of claiming a BBB Business Profile is FREE, easy, and only requires basic information from your business to get started.

Accredited Businesses use their Business Profiles to:

   >   Incorporate links to their business' website and social media accounts

   >  Add Type-of-Business categories, displaying what industries they serve and products/services they offer

   >  Highlight products and services with up to 20 pictures and a video.

   >  Denote their business' service area or areas of operation

   >  List directions to their business, contact information, and hours of operation

   >  Provide refund and exchange policy information


Update Your Company Information

Claim and Edit Your Business Profile


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To ensure information accuracy, BBB-WMI will review all content before publishing changes to a Business Review. Please contact us for more information about claiming a BBB Business Review. Non-Accredited businesses are only able to manage the basic contact information listed on their Business Review.