Request a Quote

BBB makes it easy for consumers to connect with your business.

With the BBB Request a Quote program, prospective customers can request bids from Accredited Businesses directly from our site – sending hot leads directly to you!  This is a FREE program offered to BBB Accredited Businesses; contact us to enroll your business.

How Request a Quote Works

Once a consumer has requested a quote online, the lead is then sent to the three Accredited Businesses closest to the geographic location of the consumer. These three businesses have two hours to "claim" the lead, confirming that they will make contact with the customer in the next 24 hours. If a lead is not claimed by any of the initial three businesses, the quote request will be passed on to the next three closest Accredited Businesses to the consumer.

BBB sends Request a Quote alerts multiple ways: an email to your business email address, an SMS text message to a smartphone, or both email and SMS.

Consumers Request a Quote By...

   >  Filling out our Request a Quote online form, asking consumers "what" and "where" services are needed.

BBB Request a Quote

   >  Visiting the BBB website where your business' Business Review page displays multiple Request a Quote links.


   >  Within BBB Business Directory search results of business names, geographic regions, and type-of-business categories. 

Contact Us to enroll in the BBB Request a Quote Program