More about BBB-WGA


The BBB Wise Giving Alliance (BBB WGA) continues to report on national charities that have been the subject of recent inquiries regardless of whether a charity in that category intends to apply for the national charity seal. Reports on both those national charities that meet our standards and those that do not are accessible on and on BBB websites nationwide.

Accredited national charities (i.e., charities that are found to meet all 20 BBB Charity Standards) have the option of indicating, on websites and in promotional materials, that they meet BBB Charity Standards through the display of the national charity seal. To qualify for use of the seal, charities must be found by the BBB WGA to meet its standards, sign a license agreement and pay an annual fee. Participation in the seal program is wholly voluntary.

The national charity seal program will generally apply only to the national offices of charities and not to the organizations' affiliates. However, the BBB WGA will review individual cases to determine the organizational scope of the seal's use.


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