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As bright springtime flowers bloom, so do new dark, weed-like scams. Scammers will be going door-to-door with plans to rip off local residents for services from discounted food deliveries to repairing w..
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With the upcoming inauguration ceremony and inaugural events for President-Elect Donald Trump, your BBB is warning residents of scams surrounding the events and is urging those interested in getting tic..
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The Better Business Bureau serving Metro Washington DC and Eastern PA (BBB) is urging event goers to be wary when purchasing from someone you do not know or if a deal sounds too good to be true. Not on..
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It’s prom season and your high schooler has been dreaming of prom for months, but you’re not sure your wallet will survive. Attending a prom can be expensive and requires preparation in advance; attire,..
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Tax season is here and the scammers are out in full force. The BBB serving Metro Washington DC and Eastern PA regularly receives reports from people who allege they have received calls from scammers imp..
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As the Mid-Atlantic Region braces for the snowstorm ahead, the Better Business Bureau serving Metro Washington DC and Eastern PA is urging those affected by the storm to use caution before hiring a cont..
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Before you stand in a long line to return holiday gifts, Better Business Bureau serving Metro Washington DC and Eastern PA advises you to read and understand the policy on gift returns and exchanges.
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Strong storms are expected to roll through the Mid-Atlantic region and many in the area are already seeing heavy rain. The Better Business Bureau serving Metro Washington..
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You know that winning feeling you get after buying tickets to that special show, concert or sporting event?  Scammers know it too and will stop at nothing to make a ..
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Consumers and business owners now have a new tool to report the unwanted activities of phony IRS calls, spam text messages, phishing emails and other scams. BBB’s Scam Tr..
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