Educational Consumer Tips


Author: Better Business Bureau

According to the American Dietetic Association and the Food and Drug Administration, the only demonstrated way to lose weight is to consistently eat fewer calories than your body needs and uses. One can lose weight by reducing food intake and increasing exercise. A sensible weight loss program is one that results in a slow, steady loss of weight, about one to two pounds per week, to a proper level which the dieter can maintain permanently. Persons considering taking weight loss drugs, including Phen/Fen or Redux, should carefully review the possible side effects. In July, 1997, the Food & Drug Administration issued an alert to physicians regarding reports of valvular heart disease in women treated for obesity with the combination of drugs known as Phen/Fen. Additional research is being conducted, and the FDA is continuing to monitor these cases. The Better Business Bureau suggests that before buying any product which makes weight loss claims or committing to any weight loss program, consumers should check with their primary care physician.