Benefits and Services


Benefits and Services

Being a good corporate citizen carries with it the satisfaction in knowing that BBB Accredited Businesses are helping to support an organization that is making a daily difference in the lives of thousands of people. The BBB’s free strategic public services are available through the support of selective firms in the business community. In addition, legitimate firms benefit through the BBB’s self-regulating efforts. By tracking unscrupulous businesses and exposing them, the BBB helps legitimate businesses by putting a stop to unfair and/or illegal practices that otherwise lure away potential customers. Therefore the BBB helps to channel the market dollar away from scams and toward the legitimate business community. In addition to these types of intangible benefits, there are also many tangible ones. The average accreditation dues is approximately $400 annually. Depending on the size of the applicant firm, the dues structure may be higher.

BBB Accredited Businesses can take advantage of benefits and services designed to help a business enhance their image, increase revenue and cut costs.

BBB Business Reviews
The BBB receives thousands of phone calls and web site “hits” from consumers and businesses every day. These folks are doing their due diligence and checking on the reliability of a firm before they do business with them. When a potential customer contacts the BBB for information about a given firm, the BBB reports the fact that a given firm is accredited. Reporting accreditation is a positive message to relay about qualified firms and it is something that customers want and look for when making buying decisions. Prospective customers contact BBB 24 hours a day online or by phone to research a company’s reliability, whether they are accredited, how long they have been accredited, as well as basic business information. 

BBB Accredited Business Directory
Many consumers contact BBB to find trustworthy companies with whom to do business. BBB provides these consumers with industry-specific lists of BBB Accredited Businesses. With over 95% of BBB services being provided via the Internet, this benefit is sure to steer consumers to BBB Accredited Businesses!

BBB Accreditation Seal
The BBB Accredited Business seal gives your firm visibility as a company that meets and maintains BBB Accreditation Standards, thus increasing consumer confidence. The seal sends a powerful message for your potential customers. The seal can be displayed on your website.

BBB Plaque and Decal
The BBB provides a plague and decal that highlights your accreditation. These important “trust” identifiers can be displayed in your place of business.

BBB provides this service at no additional charge to you or your potential customers. This service allows consumers to request a quote from BBB Accredited Businesses via email based on their industry-specific category.

Search Engine Optimization
The BBB Search Engine Optimization Program significantly increases the visibility of BBB Business Reviews, especially on search engines like Google. Our search engine optimization seeks to make sure that consumers searching for a particular service or product are linked to our list of participating BBB Accredited Businesses.

Accredited Businesses can sponsor pages of the BBB web-site. With each click on the web-site, participating Accredited Businesses rotate on a banner-type ad. An opportunity also exists to obtain exposure by having the Accredited Business logo prominently displayed on the BBB newsletter that is mailed to other business Accredited Businesses. Sponsorship opportunities also exist for the BBB Accredited Business Directory and for BBB Educational Videos.

Accredited Business Newsletter
Accredited Businesses receive an exclusive, bimonthly newsletter publication. The newsletter has breaking marketplace alerts and news, educational articles and other valuable information

Dispute Resolution Services
When the normal conciliation efforts have been exhausted, BBB Accredited Businesses can have customer disputes resolved through arbitration services. In addition, Accredited Businesses can use the BBB Arbitration Clause in their customer contracts. BBB arbitration is a great way to retain valuable customers, cut legal costs and is a valid alternative to court.

Discount Programs
BBB Accredited Businesses can obtain competitive discounts on reliable shipping services and merchant credit card processing. Accredited Businesses can also take advantage of an electronic NSF recovery program.

BBB Hotline
This number is made available to BBB Accredited Businesses only. The unlisted number is always handled as a priority call.

Media Exposure
BBB works closely with the news media to inform consumers of scams and to advise the public of protective measures in purchasing. BBB contacts the media as soon as information is brought to the attention of BBB or when an investigation is completed.

Advertising Guidelines and Advertising Review
BBB publishes a Code of Advertising, giving guidelines to businesses to promote ethics in advertising. BBB encourages accuracy and truth in advertising which build consumer confidence. Local advertisements are reviewed by BBB for truth and accuracy.