Advertising BBB Accreditation


Companies who are BBB accredited may identify themselves as such through special BBB accreditation plaques, decals and online seals. To advertise affiliation with the BBB, Accredited Businesses must meet the BBB accreditation standards and sign a license agreement with the BBB.

With the proper license, BBB Accredited Businesses may identify themselves in print and broadcast advertising (newspapers, periodicals, billboards, posters, telephone, TV and radio ads, flyers and direct mail), in Yellow Pages or other directories, on business cards, and on stationery, invoices, facsimile cover sheets and other business documents.  Businesses that are located solely within one BBB's service area may advertise BBB accreditation wherever they do business.  Businesses with locations in multiple BBB service areas may advertise only in the service areas of BBBs with which they have signed a license agreement. BBB Accredited Businesses may also display a decal on business-owned or operated vehicles.   

BBB Accredited Business Seal Examples

The black seal above is for use in Yellow Pages and similar directories only, and must be reproduced in black. It cannot be altered in any way or include additional words.

BBB Accredited Businesses also have the option of advertising the BBB Accredited Business seal online, so long as their BBB license permits. Any seal used online must be set up so that consumers can click the seal and hyperlink directly to the business’ BBB Business Review.

For more information on advertising your BBB accreditation and for directions on how to add the seal to your website, please visit your Business Login