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Beware Phishing Scam using BBB's good name. Learn how to identify the email scam and protect yourself.
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In this con, scammers websites look like a Facebook sponsored giveaway. Don’t fall for it!
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The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about an old scam with a new twist. The “Can You Hear Me?” scam has long been used to coerce businesses into purchasing office supplies and directory ads ..
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BBB has received calls that the CRA Imposter Scam continues to target the region and is growing more sophisticated in its tactics.
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Canadian immigrants are being targeted by aggressive telemarketing scam artists.
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Beware a very realistic looking e-transfer scam email from from CRA.
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BBB serving Vancouver Island is warning would-be travellers to use extreme caution when booking an “owner operated” vacation rental property.
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Beware scam artists going door-to-door pretending to be employees from reputable carpet cleaning companies.
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Consumers report receiving calls from aggressive fraudsters pretending to represent CRA.
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