Beware CRA E-Transfer Scam Email

Beware a very realistic looking e-transfer scam email from from CRA.
June 21, 2016

The following email scam is hitting Inboxes now. This scam is a twist on the agressive Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Tax Owing scam that have been targeting Canadians.

The scam email looks very realistic. It is unclear if this email scams is designed to collect personal banking information or to install viruses on your computer. Regardless, immediately delete any such email you receive from your Inbox and Trash.

The email scam claims that CRA has an e-transfer tax return to send to you and looks like this:

CRA etransfer scam

RED FLAGS this is a scam:

  1.  CRA will not e-transfer you your tax return. CRA does pay tax returns via direct deposit. However, direct deposits should be deposited directly into your bank account and will not require you to provide banking information online.
  2. CRA will not bulk contact "Tax Payers" as a general category. Correspondence from CRA will be addressed to a specific person. CRA will also not just be giving out money to tax payers for no reason. Keep track of what you are in fact owed as your tax refund and expect to see either a cheque or money deposited directly into your bank account. 
  3. While you might recognize the email address of the sender, it is not from someone that actually works from CRA. Even if the email address DOES in fact appear to be from a CRA email address, CRA will not email you an e-transfer form for any refunds.
  4. While the "To deposit your money, click here" link does have some legitimate looking elements to it, it is a fake. E-transfer are sent from your bank, not from third party website addresses.