Update Business Information

Both Accredited and non-accredited businesses can update their company information online, as reflected in their BBB Business Profile.


If you have not, you can do so by searching for your company name in our database of BBB Business Profile.

If you DO NOT find your company name on file, this means that we have not had any recent inquiries or complaints about your business, or that we have not received any recent business information about your company. To start a file in our database for your company click here and submit your company information.

If you found your company name on file (i.e. in our database) and would like to ensure BBB has relevant and up to date information about your company you can update your company's business information by clicking here.

When you click on this link you will be taken to a BBB Business Login Page.

If you have already claimed your BBB Business Profile, simply enter your email address and follow the prompts to update your Business Review.

If this is your first time updating your BBB Business Profile, click on "No, I am New"  and click the register button. You must then enter some basic contact information about your business. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Once you have entered your company's basic business information you will be sent an email with a VERIFICATION CODE. You must then "Claim Your Business Profile" by revisiting the following web page: bbb.org/vancouver-island/account/signin.html. Re-enter your Business Profile using the verification code and be sure to create your own, new password. Once you have completed this step, review the information on your BBB Business Profile to make sure it is correct.

You can update the information on your BBB Business Profile at any time.

NOTE: Non-BBB Accredited Business will only be able to update their company information and contact details. Only Accredited Businesses can add photos and videos to their BBB Business Profile.

If you require further assistance or are having any issues accessing your BBB Business Profile please email: accreditedbusiness@vi.bbb.org.