Resources for Accredited Businesses

BBB Accredited Businesses are part of an elite and prestigious group of local businesses. Thank you for your commitment and support of ethics and trust in the marketplace. The following are resources exclusive to your accreditation.

Accreditation  Requirements

All Accredited Businesses are required to have signed and returned the following two forms. If you have NOT signed and returned both the following two forms to the BBB office, please download, print, sign and return them to us ASAP.


Accredited Business Operational Resources


Promoting Your Accreditation 


Business Education Services


Exclusive Discounts for Accredited Businesses

Accredited Business Referral Program

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Special Events

Advertising Review Services 

Investigation Services

Report a Scam

iPhone App

Dispute Resolution Services

For any additional questions related to BBB Accreditation programs and services please contact Wendy at 250.386.6348 ext. 109 or