Accredited Business Orientation

Now that you've earned accreditation and joined a community of respected businesses, learn more about what your BBB can do for you. 

Did you know that BBB® Accreditation is more than just an emblem next to your company logo? Join us and discover the wonderful benefits of Accreditation that you never knew existed. This is your opportunity to meet your BBB's dedicated staff and learn the role of each department.

Although we hope you never receive a dispute, we understand it happens. The orientation will cover the dispute resolution process. Did you know BBB recently started accepting customer reviews? We will share some helpful tips that can assist you with the new process. Please come and learn what to expect from BBB and what BBB expects from you. 

BBB isn't just a free resource for consumers to find trustworthy businesses. We also provide tools and programs to help your business grow.

Join us for our regular Accredited Businesses Orientation workshop to learn more about what your BBB can do for you.

Mark these dates below on your calendar!

Wednesday, June 27th  

Wednesday, October 24th 


8:30 am - 9:30 am
Piedmont Natural Gas
Woodruff Industrial Ln
Greenville, SC 29607 



Gold Community Partner


Bronze Community Partner


Whether you are a new Accredited Business or interested in a refresher course, this informative one-hour workshop will help you learn more about the benefits of your Better Business Bureau.

During this session, you will learn how to:

Save money on legal fees with our free mediation and arbitration service

Increase exposure of your company through BBB marketing program 

Safeguard your privacy from identity theft with scam alerts and BBB special programs

Get connected with other Accredited Businesses in the Upstate

Space is limited and the event is free. Breakfast will be provided. Reserve your seat today by contacting Tammy Dankovich at