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Educational Consumer Tips

Used Cars/Appliances

Author: Better Business Bureau

Many cars are sold "AS IS" which means you are responsible for any repairs after the sale is made. In the state of SC used cars are sold "AS IS". The "AS IS" rule also applies to used appliances.

The BBB can take a complaint if you have a "WRITTEN WARRANTY" and the product is still covered by the warranty.

BEFORE purchasing any used car, be aware of the following:

1. Inspect the car in daylight and good weather - bring someone along to help you make a thorough inspection
2. Don't expect perfection in a used car - Compromise on minor problems you can fix yourself, but don't overlook serious defects
3. Make safety a major priority
4. Road test before you commit to buy - if you are not allowed to test-drive the car, do not buy it
5. Have a trusted mechanic thoroughly inspect the car before you purchase it.

Make sure you understand their is no 3 Day Right Law unless the product is purchased in home. Read your contract especially the information concerning default on payments. A default is usually defined as the failure to make a payment when it is due, but many contracts can add additional items. You only have the right to get one "Notice of Right to Cure" for the entire term of the contract. So, if you get behind in payments again, the lender does not have to send you another notice and can reposs the vehicle. The lender can require you to pay off the entire balance of the loan, plus any costs for repossessing your car. If you cannot do this, the lender can sell the car and apply the money to your loan. The sale of the repossessed car may not bring enough money to pay off the loan. A lender can sue you for the amount of the deficiency balance. If the lender sues you for a deficiency balance, he may also be able to require you to pay attorney's fees, repossession cots, repair or clean-up costs, and court costs.