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Educational Consumer Tips

Bridal Gown Tran-shipping

Author: Better Business Bureau

Do not be taken advantage of by bridal shops offering unrealistic discount prices on gown of which they do not have samples. If you are dealing with a bridal shop that does this, you may become a victim of trans-shipping. Trans-shipping is a practice of pretending to carry gowns from certain manufacturers when unauthorized to do so and/or against those manufacturer's policies. Bridal shops that trans-ship will often take an order for a gown and place the order with another bridal shop frequently out of state and normally unassociated with their authorized stores. If'/when the gown is received, should there be damage, a defect or it is late in arriving, the bridal shop is typically unable to help or correct the issue since they did not purchase it directly from the manufacturer and they cannot contact them on your behalf.