Congratulations to the 2017 Business of Integrity Awards Winners!


Community Service

Flourish ProGrin Dental Thomas McAfee Funeral Home
1-10 Employees 11-49 Employees 50-199 Employees


    Keller Williams Greenville Upstate                    ScanSource
       Local Affiliate Franchise Category                200 + employees


Customer Service

DFS Creative Concepts Merus Refreshment Services, Inc.
1-10 Employees 11-49 Employees
Southern Traditions Window Fashions Guy Roofing, Inc.
11-49 Employees 50-199 Employees


Marketplace Ethics

HIBR  Gabriel Builders, Inc. Thomas McAfee Funeral Home
1-10 Employees 11-49 Employees 50-199 Employees



Company Name Award Category # of Employees
2016 Business Winners    
Ezell Law Firm, LLC              Community Service            1-10 Employees
Attorney Offices of 
Thomas M. Gagne P.A.
             Customer Service            1-10 employees
Rustic Escentuals, LLC              Community Service             11-49 employees
International Plastics, Inc.              Customer Service            11-49 employees
ProGrin Dental               Customer Service            11-49 employees
The Turner Agency, Inc.             Marketplace Ethics            11-49 employees
Fairway Ford, Inc.            Community Service            50-199 employees
Waldrop, Inc.            Customer Service            50-199 employees
Guy Roofing, Inc.            Marketplace Ethics            50-199 employees
2015 Business Winners    
Arms Tax & Accounting Solutions Customer Service 1-10 employees
All Clear Plumbing Marketplace Ethics 1-10 employees
Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union Community Service 11-49 employees
International Plastics Marketplace Ethics 11-49 employees
C & C Metal Recycling Marketplace Ethics 11-49 employees
Rustic Escentuals Customer Service 11-49 employees
2014 Business Winners    
Dave's Roofing Customer Service 1-10 employees
Herlong Bates Burnett Insurance Community Service 11-49 employees
Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union Marketplace Ethics 11-49 employees
American Fab Customer Service  50-199 employees
Martin Printing, Inc. Marketplace Ethics 50-199 employees
Guy Roofing Community Service 50-199 employees
American Eagle Builders, Inc./Arthur Rutenburg Homes Marketplace Ethics Local Affiliate
2013 Business Winners    
Bentley's Heating & Air Marketplace Ethics 1-10 employees
Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions Marketplace Ethics 1-10 employees
Capehart Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Community Service  1-10 employees
Dillard-Jones Builders Community Service  1-10 employees
Premiere PC Technology Group Customer Service  1-10 employees
The Marchant Company Marketplace Ethics 11-49 employees
Grier Roofing Customer Service  11-49 employees
Joe Roberson and Son Roofing Customer Service  11-49 employees
SC Telco Federal Credit Union Community Service 50-199 employees
Dick Brooks Honda Customer Service  50-199 employees
American Credit Acceptance Marketplace Ethics 200+ employees
Cottman Transmission Community Service/Customer Service Local Affiliate/1-10 employees
The Turner Agency, Inc. Community Service Local Affiliate/11-49 employees
Toyota of Greenville Customer Service  Local Affiliate/200+ employees
Mr. Transmission Marketplace Ethics Local Affiliate/1-10 employees
2012 Business Winners    
Rush Wilson Limited Marketplace Ethics 1-10 employees
Steve W Sumner Law Firm Customer Service  1-10 employees
Electrical Contracting Solutions, Inc. Marketplace Ethics/Community Service 11-49 employees
Hired Killers Customer Service  11-49 employees
GBS Building Supply Customer Service/Community Service 50-199 employees
Bath Fitter Customer Service  Local Affiliate
Prudential C. Dan Joyner Company Community Service Local Affiliate
2011 Business winners    
Elite Financial Services, Inc. Marketplace Ethics 1-10 employees
AAA Upstate Plumbing Customer Service 1-10 employees
Immedion Customer Service 11-49 employees
Carolina Heating Service, Inc. Customer Service 11-49 employees
Smith Dray Line & Storage Co., Inc. Marketplace Ethics/Customer Service 50-199 employees
Bank of Travelers Rest Customer Service 50-199 employees
Consolidated Southern Industries, Inc. Community Service 50-199 employees
2010 Winners    
Mountain Creek Kitchen & Bath Marketplace Ethics 1-10 employees
Gabriel Builders Customer Service 1-10 employees
Faust Boyer Group of Raymond James Customer Service 1-10 employees
Sullivan Company, LLC Marketplace Ethics  
Young Office & Mainstay Suites Customer Service  
2009 Winners    
Ever-Green Recycling Marketplace Ethics 1-10 employees
J. Freeman & Associates, Inc. Customer Service 1-10 employees
Addison Homes, LLC Community Service 1-10 employees
Robinson Funeral Home Customer Service 11-49 employees
Roper Mountain Animal Hospital Marketplace Ethics 11-49 employees
Tuck & Howell, Inc. Marketplace Ethics/Community Service 50-199 employees
Palmetto Exterminators, Inc. Customer Service 50-199 employees
Hubbell Lighting, Inc. Community/Customer Service 200+ employees
Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC Marketplace Ethics 200+ employees
Perfect Delivery, Inc. dba Papa John's Pizza Community Service Local Affiliate
Interim HealthCare of Greenville, Inc. Community Service Local Affiliate
Prudential C. Dan Joyner Company Customer Service Local Affiliate
Carmax, Inc. Marketplace Ethics Local Affiliate
2008 Winners    
Hales Jewelers Marketplace Ethics 1-10 employees
Lucas Systems, Inc. Customer Service 11-49 employees
Quinn Satterfield Community Service 50-199 employees
2007 Winners    
Lil Glenn Company, LLC   1-10 employees
Cunningham-Waters Construction, Co.   11-49 employees
Bradshaw Automotive Companies   50-199 employees
Chick-fil-A of Anderson   Local Affiliate
2006 Winners    
CMS Garage & Body Shop, Inc.   1-10 employees
McDougald Funeral Home   11-49 employees
Triangle Construction Company   50-199 employees
FGP International   200+ employees
Car Max, Inc.   200+ employees
Rush Wilson, LTD   200+ employees
RBC Insurance   Local Affiliate
The Vinings at Roper Mountain   Local Affiliate
Car Max, Inc.   Local Affiliate
2005 Winners    
Century Builders   1-10 employees
Pazdan Group Architects   11-49 employees
The Carolina Center for Behavioral Health   50-199 employees
AnMed   200+ employees
2004 Winners    
Martin & Lennon CPAs, PA   1-10 empployees
Rosenfeld Einstein   11-49 employees
Coldwell Banker Caine   50-199 employees
Bonitz Flooring Group, Inc.   Local Affiliate
2003 Winners    
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries   1-10 employees
PHIL Jewelers   11-49 employees
Arthur J. Gallagher & Company   50-199 employees
Advanced America   200+ employees
2002 Winners    
Taylor Color and Collision   1-10 employees
Bergeron Builders, Inc.   11-49 employees
Thomas McAfee Funeral Home   50-199 employees
2001 Winners    
Greenville Aluminum Products, Inc.   1-10 employees
International Plastics, Inc.   11-49 employees
America's Home Place   50-199 employees
RBC Liberty Insurance   200+ employees
2000 Winners    
Eagle Body Works   11-49 employees
Southern Vinyl Window Mfg., Inc.   50-199 employees
Resurgent Capital Services   200+ employees