In Pursuit of Ethics
In Pursuit of Ethics, is an interactive, discussion-based program designed to stimulate honest, fair behavior.

About the Program

Young people often underestimate the importance and value of making ethical decisions because the consequences of their actions, good or bad, are not easily predictable or immediate and are often unseen.

In Pursuit of Ethics is a program that will teach students how to recognize ethical dilemmas and make good choices that will ultimately help them build a good reputation and be an asset to their peers, the community, and the workforce.

Enhancing trust in the marketplace is the core of Better Business Bureau's mission. BBB's new ethics program for schools helps to provide the kind of trustworthy future employees that every business needs.  BBB offers educators in Upstate South Carolina an opportunity to engage middle and high school students in important ethical discussions using six online video modules showing commonplace situations that involve ethical choices.

In Pursuit of Ethics uses videos that promote the real-world rewards of establishing a good reputation and help participants understand that their own decisions and actions have consequences. 

How it Works


Eight video modules depict common situations that call for making ethical decisions. The teacher/facilitator
can stop the videos at key decision points for the class to discuss possible choices, possible motivations for each choice, and the consequences of each. Then the facilitator can resume the program until reaching another discussion point.  After more discussion, the facilitator can show the actors pursuing one or multiple courses of action. Schools who tested the program say it made a real, measurable impact on their students. 

To Get More Information

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