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Dry Cleaning

Author: Better Business Bureau

Drycleaning can extend the life of your wardrobe. Most garments that are labeled with washing instructions are also drycleanable, but some may contain dyes or trim that are not resistant to drycleaning solvent. Some fabrics may not withstand drycleaning, this you must discuss with your drycleaner. It is impossible to determine simply by looking at a fabric if it can withstand drycleaning.

You must also be concerned with how buttons, beads, sequins, and other decorations and fastners will hold up to drycleaning. Buttons and beads made of polystyrene may melt, beads and sequences may come off or color may fade. Be sure to inform the cleaner of any spots or stains and bring with you hang tags that contain special instructions or fiber information.

After cleaning, examine your drycleaned clothes immmediately, and point out any problems right away. If clothing comes back damaged and the drycleaner is to blame, you are entitled to recover the value of the garment's remaining life expectancy. 

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