Educational Consumer Tips

Buying Carpet

Author: Better Business Bureau

Cost, aesthetics and performance are key to satisfaction when investing in carpet. When preparing for your purchase, consider the following guidelines:

*Plan your budget. Take into account the cost per square yard of the carpet, as well as the additional costs of padding and installation. Make preliminary measurements to estimate the size you will need. 

*Research fiber and texture styles. Each fiber and style offers different advantages depending on where the carpet will be used. 

*Be wary of advertisements that offer fantastic bargains, and don't buy carpet that isn't labeled as to fiber content. 

*Select retailers with care. You should be able to depend on their counsel and advice when selecting your carpet. Check the company's reputation with your local Better Business Bureau. 

*If possible, take a carpet sample home and evaluate it in relation to your room. 

*Don't choose carpet on the basis of fiber content alone. Consider the quality of construction. 

*Don't skimp on quality for carpet that will see constant duty underfoot. 

*Review contracts carefully before signing. Make sure the brand name, manufacturer's name, style, color and size are listed. 

*Make sure your contract lists the total number and price per square yard, description of padding and total purchase price, including installation and finance charges. Any special agreements made by the seller, including any extra charges for delivery or removal of old carpet should also be in writing. 

*Obtain the warranty or guarantee in writing and keep your paperwork for future reference in the event of a problem. 

For more information, contact

Better Business Bureau (BBB) 
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The Carpet and Rug Institute 
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This report is general in nature and is not intended as a Business Review on any company, service or product.