Four Tips for Successful Self-Promoting

October 20, 2017

It's National Self-Promotion Month, but for business owners and employees, self-promotion should be a year-round practice. We may live in the age of selfies and social media but for some self-promoting can still be a challenge.

Better Business Bureau® serving Eastern Oklahoma has four tips for self-promoting that apply to business owners and individual employees:

 1. Self-promote regularly but don’t overdo it.

  • Don’t assume consumers or your boss is aware of all you do.  When someone asks you what you’re up to or how’s it going, take the opportunity to highlight tasks and projects you’re currently working on or have recently accomplished.
  • Take care not to bombard relevant or irrelevant people with too much information or overemphasize accomplishments because it can be seen as bragging.

 2. Help others and get credit for it.

  • It’s great to be a team player in your office and to partner with other businesses in the community but don’t assume your actions will be noted by others or highlighted by the coworker or partnering business.
  • Communicate what you did as a team and highlight what you, specifically, tackled.

 3. Ask for Feedback regularly.

  • Requesting feedback on your performance shows consumers or your boss that you care. Acting on that input shows that you are listening.
  • One way businesses can get feedback is by requesting customers submit reviews. While reviews may not always be positive, they are always helpful in establishing a relationship with your customers.

For more tips on requesting and managing customer reviews click here.

 4. Be passionate and excited.

  • When you love what you are doing self-promoting can come across merely as enthusiasm for your work. Enthusiasm is infectious and allows others to see how much you care about your job and how much effort you put in.