Torch Awards


BBB® serving Eastern Oklahoma's Torch Awards & Honor Roll Party will be held 2014 - Date TBA at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa. 




Entries for the BBB® Torch Awards will be reviewed by a panel of judges.

The judges may request additional information from the company or business regarding any of the four judging criteria.  BBB accreditation is not a requirement.  The company may not hold a "B" or lower rating with any BBB.  If your company has been the object of major lawsuits, including class action suits, or government actions in the past three years, this information must be disclosed as part of your entry.  Decisions of the judges are final.

1. Entries should include a two-page summary that:

    1. explains why your firm merits being a Business Ethics Award winner;
    2. highlights specific business and management practices relevant to the award; and
    3. illustrates your firm’s commitment to fair and honest conduct in the marketplace;
    4. provides your firm’s position regarding business integrity and ethical practices.  This includes a formally adopted policy or mission statement.

2. Entries should be submitted on 8.5” x 11” paper, and the total entry is limited to a 2 inch, three-ring binder.  Entries can be submitted electronically in PDF format or Word Document Format to  All Entries are due TBA

3. Use tabs to separate the binder into 4 sections corresponding to the judging criteria, and include materials (mission statement, company communications and publications, news media articles, company advertising, letters of recognition or commendation, customer testimonials, etc.) that demonstrate your company’s strengths regarding each of the criteria. Sorry, however,video, DVD’s and CD media will not be reviewed by the judges.

4. Please retain a copy of your complete entry. All submitted entries become the property of the BBB serving Eastern Oklahoma and cannot be returned.If your business makes it to the semi-finalist stage, you will be required to forward three complete copies of your entry for the judges.

Semi-finalists will be selected in early September, and finalists and winners will be notified by mail no later than the end of September. Semi-finalists may be asked to provide the name and phone number of customers, vendors,and suppliers whom the judges may contact about the company.  Semi-finalists may also be asked to allow representatives of the judging process to conduct a site visit of the company.  In order to determine that a company is meeting their financial obligations, judges may obtain a Dun and Bradstreet report. 

Please submit entries in English. 


A company should demonstrate its commitment to high ethical standards of behavior and provide documentation in the following categories.  Below are suggestions of areas to address.  Not all areas are required in order for a company to compete.

  1. Management Practices.  (If you are the owner of the company, with no employees, explain how ethics are used in everyday business practices.) 

·      Pertinent sections from an employee handbook,company manual or training program (formal or informal) showing how ethics policies are communicated to and implemented by employees. 

·      Formal training and/or procedures used to address concerns an employee may have in dealing with an ethical dilemma. 

·      The existence of an Ethics Officer, Compliance Officer or Ombudsman should be noted, along with information concerning the responsibilities and authority of this position.

·      Formal or informal management practices and policies that foster positive employee relations.

·      Employee benefits and/or work place practices which contribute to the quality of family life.

·      Actions by the business to assess risks and take appropriate actions to prevent workplace injury.

·      Examples of sound environmental practices.

  1. Customer/ Vendor/ Supplier/ Shareholder Relations.

·      Examples of how your business has prospered because of your belief in honesty, integrity and doing the right thing.

·      Complimentary feedback from customers,vendors and/or suppliers.

·      Company policies and practices that assure excellence in quality products and/or services, and demonstrate accountability to customers, vendors and suppliers.

·      Actions taken by your company showing that it went “beyond the call of duty.”

·      Examples of cases where your company had to make tough decisions that had negative short-term consequences and led to long-term benefits.

·      If your company is publicly traded, discuss how the corporation demonstrates accountability to shareholders and adheres to good governance practices.

3. Marketing/ Advertising/Communications/ Sales Practices.

·      Descriptions of the methods your company uses to assure all sales, promotional materials and advertisements are truthful and accurate.

·      Examples of efforts by your company to improve communications, advertising, marketing and sales practices which benefit your industry as a whole.

·      Sales training policies and/or codes of ethics used by sales personnel that ensure all transactions are made in an up front and ethical manner.

  1. Reputation within Industry and Community.

·      Articles in trade, industry publications and news media that reflect your reputation in your industry and community as an ethical business.

·      Awards, recognition and/or complimentary letters from others within your industry or trade group.

·      Recognition for charitable and/or community service projects.


Nominate a Business:

Do you know of an ethical business?  Have you dealt with a local company you feel is deserving of a BBB Torch Award? Nominate a business and we will contact the company to inform them of the entry process.  Deadline for 2013 Torch Awards is September 13, 2013.

To Nominate please email with the company's:



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