Past Torch Award Winners
Their commitment to marketplace excellence and their communities is commendable; it should make all of us proud to do business in southern Arizona.

2017 Torch Award Winners

Ethics Award: Contact One Call Center
Finalist: High End Used Saddles
Finalist: Plum Windows
Finalist: Water Tec of Tucson

Spark Award: Plum Windows- Sheena Saint Charles
Finalist: Green Valley Heating & Cooling- Joanna Hossack
Finalist: Hayes Construction- Andrew Hayes
Finalist: The Savvy Copywriter- Kimberly Crossland

Good Neighbor Award: Hughes Federal Credit Union
Finalist: DK Advocates
Finalist: Hamstra Heating & Cooling
Finalist: Tucson Federal Credit Union

Customer Excellence Award: Fish Window Cleaning
Finalist: Agility Spine & Sports Physical Therapy
Finalist: The Motivator Personal Fitness
Finalist: Sunshine Experts

2016 Torch Award Winners

Ethics Award: Vistoso Automotive
Finalist: Plum WIndows and Doors
Finalist: Grail Construction
Finalist: The Garage Center

Good Neighbor Award: Claire's Cafe and Art Gallery
Finalist: Bekki Harper Financial
Finalist: Plum Windows and Doors

Customer Excellence Award: BRAKEmax Car Care Centers
Finalist: Sunshine Experts
Finalist: Northwest Pet Clinic
Finalist: Tucson Rolling Shutters

2015 Torch Award Winners

Ethics Award: Underhill Financial Advisors LLC
Finalist: Pathfinder Strategies
Finalist: Aflac - Janell Frank Agency

Good Neighbor Award: AGM Container Controls Inc.
Finalist: Quality Restoration
Finalist: Agility Spine & Sports Physical Therapy

Customer Excellence Award: Nicolosi Moving & Storage Inc.
Finalist: Sunshine Experts
Finalist: Al Coronado Plumbing

2014 Torch Award Winners

Ethics Award: Oschmann Employee Screening Services
Finalist: Tucson College
Finalist: Native Tele-Data Solutions

Good Neighbor Award: Nova Home Loans
Finalist: Decorating Den Interiors
Finalist: Salon Nouveau

Customer Excellence Award: Commercial Cleaning & Restoration
Finalist: BRAKEmax Car Care Centers
Finalist: Essential Pest Management

2013 Torch Award Winners

Ethics Award: Empire Today, LLC
Finalist:  Patio Pools & Spas
Finalist:  Green Valley Cooling & Heating

Good Neighbor Award: Snell & Wilmer
Finalist: Nextrio
Finalist: EffortlessHR
Finalist: Randall & Richards

Customer Excellence Award: Golden Eagle Distributors
Finalist:  BrakeMax
Finalist:  Pima Dermatology

2012 Torch Award Winners

Ethics Award:  McCaleb Construction, Inc.
Finalist:  Empire Today, LLC
Finalist:  REALM Environments

Good Neighbor Award:  Golden Eagle Distributors
Finalist:  Snell & Wilmer
Finalist:  AGM Container Controls

Customer Excellence Award: Temperature Control, Inc.
Finalist:  Bill's Home Service Co.
Finalist:  Rite Way Ventilating Company 

2011 Torch Award Winners

Ethics Award:  Green Valley Cooling & Heating
Finalist:  Tucson Coin & Autograph
Finalist:  Nextrio

Good Neighbor Award:  Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors
Finalist:  National Bank of Arizona
Finalist:  911 Collision Centers

Customer Excellence Award:  Milex Auto Service Centers
Finalist:  Quik Mart
Finalist:  Temco Air Environmental