Arizona Attorney General Announces 'Fight Scam Calls' Program

Are you over 60 and interested in fighting unwanted and scam phone calls? Apply to participate in the Arizona Attorney General's new pilot program...
May 17, 2017

Fight Scam Calls Pilot Program - Pima County


The Arizona Attorney General’s Consumer Protection and Advocacy Section (CPA), one of BBB of Southern Arizona's critical partners, protects the public from consumer fraud, antitrust and anti-competitive conduct by enforcing the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and other state and federal consumer protection laws.

We know that receiving bothersome unwanted calls including scam calls and recorded phone calls (“robocalls”) is a continuing problem for Arizona seniors.  

One way to block unwanted calls is to use a call-blocking device that attaches to your phone. CPA has developed the Consumer “Fight Scam Calls” Pilot Program that will provide free call-blocking devices available for installation to Pima County senior residents age 60 or older who are bothered by numerous unwanted calls.  The device plugs right into your phone.   It recognizes and blocks scam numbers so that your phone doesn’t ring.   And, it allows you to add more numbers to block other annoying calls. Devices also allow consumers to program a list of safe numbers to be recognized.  

To participate, seniors agree to provide their feedback on whether the device has been effective in stopping scam calls.  A short survey will be done before installation and 90 days after the device has been installed on your phone.  Your participation will help us determine whether this pilot program should be continued.  

If you are interested in having a call-blocking device installed on your phone, please read the requirements for participation and submit an application, by May 31, 2017 (limit one per household).  Your personal identifying information will remain confidential and will not be disclosed. However, we will be reporting on statistical information obtained through the survey results.

Participants must:

·         Be 60 years or older
·         Have a land line phone and Caller ID through your current phone service provider
·         Receive unwanted calls and would like to reduce the number of these calls
·         Be willing to complete a pre and post survey, and complete a simple log book for the 90 day test period
·         Not have a call blocking device

To apply, go to