KGUN9 & BBB: Holiday Scam Warnings

The holiday season is quickly approaching and scammers are looking for ways to get the money and information of shoppers. Whether you are already holiday shopping or enjoy the last minute rush and madness... beware of scammers.
October 19, 2017

KGUN9 Reporter, Jennifer Martinez

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Holiday scams

Susann Miller with the Better Business Bureau says online shopping is the biggest place for scammers so anyone looking to shop online should use credit cards and not debit.

Shoppers should also be wary of anyone asking for unusual payments such as wiring money and prepaid credit cards.  

Miller says, "Make sure the URL says, https. The S is your security."

Miller stresses that shoppers should make sure the websites they're shopping on is legitimate.

One way to make sure the website is legit is to "run your mouse over any links."

"If it doesn't say the company name - that's a sign it will lead you to another link," says Miller.

Fake shipping notifications is another scam used to get into computer malware. If you are expecting packages during the holiday season - it's suggested you go directly to the site you ordered from.  

Temporary job scams during the holiday season is another scam to look out for. 

"Scammers take your personal and it's identity theft." Miller says. 

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