BBB Tips For Purchasing Halloween Merchandise

October 12, 2017

Halloween2017The National Retail Federation estimates that 179 million Americans plan to take part in this year’s Halloween festivities. With spending expected to reach $9.1 billion, stores and websites offering Halloween costumes and decorations may seem to pop up overnight as the holiday approaches. Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises shoppers to check unfamiliar stores or websites out with BBB before buying.

BBB receives complaints about costume stores and websites every year. Complaints range from deliveries that were late or never arrived to poor quality and difficulty obtaining refunds.

Some consumers said costumes ripped as they were being tried on or removed from a package. In some cases, store employees told customers they could not return items because they had been used, were broken during the unpacking process or were returned past a posted store deadline. Other retailers failed to mention that there were no returns.

Some customers found stores closed when they returned to report a problem or customer service numbers that had been disconnected.

“Getting a low price on a costume may seem like a good deal, but you should examine merchandise carefully before you purchase it,” said Michelle Corey, BBB president and CEO. “If you’re buying online, it pays to check into a retailer's reputation before you place your order. Be sure to consider shipping schedules if an item is needed by a specific date. If buying from a temporary store, ask about return policies before making a purchase.”

BBB has issued warnings in the past about specific websites that sell human and animal costumes. BBB offers these tips to help you avoid being haunted after Halloween is over:


  • Location. If you're interested in trying a new or unfamiliar online merchant, ask the company for its physical location (address and phone number) so you can check its BBB Business Profile at
  • Customer satisfaction policy. Determine the company's refund and return policies before you buy. If online companies can’t offer concrete commitments on how they will handle any potential problems you may have with their products or services, reconsider doing business with them.
  • Leave nothing to chance. Be sure you have a thorough understanding of everything involved before placing an order. Be clear on the price and any shipping and handling charges. Know the terms of any product or service guarantees. Find out how long it will be before you receive your order. Federal law requires that goods and services be delivered within 30 days, unless a different delivery period is specifically stated by the merchant.
  • Guard your personal information. Only provide your credit card number online in a secure environment. On pages where you enter a credit card number or PayPal account login, look for the prefix “https://” in the URL box listing the website’s address to be sure that the site you are using is secure.
  • Ask how long a store will operate. If you’re buying from a seasonal store, ask whether it will be open after the holiday and whether it will accept returns when the season is over. If not, consider buying elsewhere or taking more time to be sure the item is exactly what you want before making the purchase.


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