Customers of Mister Bubberz Claim Online Firm Never Delivered Clothing Orders, BBB Warns

February 16, 2017

Mister Bubberz
St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 17, 2017Mister Bubberz, an online specialty clothing store with offices in Creve Coeur, Mo., is facing numerous Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints from customers who say they paid for merchandise they never received.

 BBB advises caution when dealing with Mister Bubberz or its owner Tauheed Khan. The store also has used the name Mr. Bubberz and the website Khan has used the names Tauheed Ahmed Khan and Tauheed Khan Burki.

“Horrible customer service,” a Mister Bubberz customer from Cooper City, Fla., told BBB after waiting three months for a shirt she ordered for $29. The woman said she never received the merchandise or a refund.

“I just gave up!” said a consumer from Bedford, Texas, who ordered two shirts from the company last August. She said she was never refunded her $55 payment.

Mister Bubberz has an “F” rating with BBB, the lowest possible, as a result of 12 complaints filed over the past five months that have gone unanswered. 

Michelle Corey, president and CEO of BBB St. Louis, said it is likely that the number of unhappy customers may be much higher, based on posts on the business’ Facebook page.

“While most of the complaints do not claim a large dollar loss, BBB still takes them very seriously,” Corey said. “When consumers order merchandise online, they expect to receive it. And if the business can’t deliver, it has an ethical obligation to refund their money promptly.”

Tauheed KhanKhan, who lived in the Cape Girardeau area before moving to St. Louis two years ago, identifies himself as self-employed with Burki Group LLC.  When Burki Group was registered with the Missouri secretary of state last August, Khan said the company provided technology consultation services. The addresses for Mister Bubberz and the Burki Group are both listed as an apartment in the 11500 block of Craig Court in Creve Coeur.

In addition to his other businesses, Khan appears to operate a business called Zweet Prints, which he describes as the parent company of Mister Bubberz. Khan is listed as the registered agent and only organizer of Zweet Prints LLC, which was registered with the secretary of state’s office in 2014.

Court records hint at financial difficulties for Khan beginning last summer when he filed paperwork in his divorce case showing that he had lost his job with an insurance business.

Three months later, American Express sued Khan for breach of contract after Zweet Prints defaulted on more than $39,000 in credit card charges. That case is pending.

In an interview with BBB, Khan said Mister Bubberz is a trade name for Zweet Prints. He said his company is in the midst of some changes and temporarily took its website offline until those changes could be completed. He claimed that all but “a customer or two” who did not receive their merchandise had been refunded, saying “most of the refunds are automatically refunded into their accounts.”

 “We do not have any outstanding issues right now,” he said.

 Despite the claim, nearly all BBB complainants reached by BBB said they never received refunds.

Regarding the American Express suit, Khan said, “That is being taken care of right now. We are negotiating with them.”

In a September email to a frustrated customer from Lenoir City, Tenn., Mister Bubberz wrote: “We apologize for the delay, but please know we are trying our best to process orders as soon as possible.

“This delay was caused because – unfortunately – our supplier sent us a batch of bad ink which jammed our machines. [The machines] broke down and hence we are running behind schedule on fulfillment. Rest assured your order is being processed and will be shipped out soon.”  The consumer said she has yet to receive the t-shirt she ordered or a refund.

A Mister Bubberz customer from Maplewood, N. J., who received a nearly identical response, asked in her BBB complaint, “What can be done to stop a company [from] abusing consumers?”

“Businesses should not be able to take your money and then not deliver,” said a customer from Chattanooga, Tenn., who has been waiting eight months for her order.

BBB offers the following advice when ordering from online sites:

  • Research the business and owners carefully before paying any money. Check the company’s BBB Business Profile at or by calling 314-645-3300.
  • Try to determine whether the business has an actual office and try to speak with someone there before ordering merchandise.
  • Read all terms and conditions carefully before completing a purchase. Make sure to read and understand all warranty information and refund policies. Know your options in case you receive an item that was not as advertised.
  • Don’t accept a professional-looking website or a presence on social media as verification that a business is trustworthy. Make sure to check other sources like BBB.
  • Pay by credit card whenever possible in case you need to challenge the payment.


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