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BBB Business Profiles can provide you with detailed information about a business’ history of customer service and reputation.

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BBB Business Profiles can provide you with detailed information about a business’ history of customer service and reputation.  

To find a company’s BBB Business Profile, you can either search by name or by business category.


Make sure to put in the zip code where the service is needed so you get the most relevant businesses.

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In a category search, you can decide to search for only Accredited Businesses, all businesses or for other pages on our site.

AB Site SearchWhen you have results for the type of business that you’re looking for, check out several different business profiles to see which company does the kind of work that is most likely to meet your needs.

Look for:

  • Whether a business is BBB Accredited. This means the business has agreed to uphold BBB’s Accredited Business Standards and has pledged to make a good-faith effort to resolve complaints.

  • BBB Letter Grade.  A letter grade takes into account a business’s complaints, how many customers the business has annually, how long it’s been in business and several additional factors. Learn more about how letter grades are generated here.

  • Complaints and reviews. In the “Complaints and Reviews” tab, you can see what the business’s customers have had to say about their work.  You can also see how the business responded, and if they tried to help their customers with legitimate disputes.

  • Services provided. Businesses can detail what specific kinds of work they do and what specific brands they use or sell.  Businesses can also upload photos and videos to their profile to help customers preview their work.  

You can Request a Quote from an Accredited Business for free-- simply tell the business about the work you’d like to have done on the Request a Quote tab of their BBB Business Profile.

If you can’t find the business you’re looking for, it might be because of an imprecise match of business name or location. Try googling “bbb [company name]” to find the company’s BBB Business Profile.

If you need assistance, BBB team members are happy to help.  Use the live chat in the bottom right of your screen, or give us a call at 314-645-3300.

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