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BBB Business Builders offer Accredited Businesses and Accredited Charities stimulating webinars on topics vital to managing their organizations.

Webinars Tailored To BBB Accredited Businesses & Charities

Tim LeonLeon

Mark ForstForst

Steve ThomasThomas

Angela LaRoccaLaRocca

Dale FurtwenglerFurtwengler

Steve LipicLipic

Fred MillerMiller

Patti HedgpethHedgpeth

BBB Business BuildersBBB offers BBB Accredited Businesses and Accredited Charities a new series of webinars taught by local experts and business owners. Topics were selected from responses to a survey of BBB Accredited Businesses. Subscribers will be able to access recorded versions later for review and sharing with employees.

These jam-packed webinars allow you to learn from your office, home, or wherever you access the Internet at a reasonable cost: $99 for all six webinars or $25 for a single webinar. Topics are:

All webinars are from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. on the dates indicated. BBB will provide a link for participation in the webinar after you register. (Registration is now closed.)

Descriptions of the webinars are below or you can download a printable brochure:

Thursday, Feb. 26: Marketing and Branding for Results

How to build a strong brand and engage your customers and prospects. Presented by: Tim Leon, founder, president and brand strategist, Geile-Leon

Tim will show you how to build brand recognition and customer loyalty, and share insights from his agency’s 20+ years working with clients of all sizes to help them build their brands.

Thursday, March 26: SEO, SEM & Social Media

Digital Marketing's Big 3. Presented by Mark Forst, co-founder & partner, Captiva Marketing, Steve Thomas, president of The Net Impact, and  Angela LaRocca, brand manager at Unidev

Forst has been helping companies drive business to their web sites since 1999. He offers advice on how to be sure your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies are getting the best results.  LaRocca and Thomas, provide tips on how to use social media to build brand loyalists and promote your business. 

Wednesday, April 23: Pricing for Profit

Command higher prices for your products and services. Dale Furtwengler, Consultant, speaker and author, discusses excerpts from his book, Pricing for Profit, and describes how to establish value for what you sell and determine what your customers value most, so you aren’t caught in the competitive pricing trap. 

Thursday,Sept. 24: Employee Engagement

Key to a high-performance work environment. Steve Lipic, President and 5th generation owner of Lipic’s Engagement, reviews how he has helped companies, both large and small, connect with their employees to build loyalty, retention and productivity. 

Thursday, Oct. 22: Mastering Your Elevator Speech

The best commercial for you and your business. Fred Miller, speaker, coach, and author of No Sweat Public Speaking, believes every speaking opportunity is a business, career and leadership opportunity.  His template approach helps you give a clear, concise description of what you do, so you can connect for business success.

Thursday, Nov. 19: Ins and Outs of Employee Benefits

Attorney Patti Hedgpeth of the Polsinelli law firms helps you with cost management, legal compliance, recruitment and retention tools. Get answers to important questions like, what you should know about the Affordable Care Act—Are you eligible for tax credits?  Can you buy health insurance for your employees through your state’s exchange?  Why wellness programs might make sense. What are required benefits you must offer; what are voluntary benefits you can offer? What are different types of retirement and incentive plans employers can offer?



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