BBB Accredited Business Fees

Number of Employees Annual fees Monthly fees Quarterly fees Semi-annual fees
1-3 $455 $38 $114 $228
4-7 $525 $44 $132 $263
8-10 $590 $50 $148 $295
11-49 $760 $64 $190 $380
50-99 $920 $77 $230 $460
100-200 $1090 $91 $273 $545
Fees as of Jan. 1, 2017. Invoices reflect new rates.
Add $2 per year for each employee over 200.
Add $100 per year for each additional location.  Add $200 for each additional location that may fall in territories of Peoria, Kansas City, Springfield, and Chicago.

Accredited Businesses may choose whether to pay once a year, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually by automatic debit or credit card. 

The mission of BBB Serving Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois is to help make the entire region a better place by encouraging positive, ethical business practices.


Want to learn more about accreditation? Send email to or call 314-534-4636. To apply online, click here.

About BBB

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