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Spina Bifida Greater St Louis

(314) 968-2244 9201 Watson Road, Suite 125, Saint Louis MO 63126
This organization's revenue is under $50,000. As a result, the BBB has not evaluated the organization in relation to its 20 Standards for Charity Accountability. The following is an informational report.
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"To provide service, support and opportunities to develop the maximum potential of all individuals born with Spina Bifida and neural tube defects and their families; and to assure development of the best possible quality of life."


New family outreach program: This program was designed to provide support, counseling, and information to new parents who have just had a child with spina bifida. This program is coordinated with all St. Louis hospitals that currently provide medical care for individuals born with Spina Bifida. New parents support group: This support group was designed for new parents with infants or toddlers that have Spina Bifida or neural tube defects. The focus of this group is to become acquainted with other families who are also sharing the new experiences of having a child with Spina Bifida. K-10 parent support group: This support group was designed for parents that have children in kindergarten through grade 10. The meetings will consist of parent and professional speakers addressing issues of interest and concern to parents, in areas of the child's specific age group. Some of the topics will be personal hygiene techniques, psychological and self-esteem issues, school issues, I.E.P information, rights of the physically challenged and much more. Youth & Adult Alliance: This group supports individuals living with Spina Bifida by providing social and educational opportunities to network. Awareness and Education: Provides the surrounding St. Louis area with information on Spina Bifida and other neural tube birth defects. Also provides health and education seminars and conferences. Educational scholarship: This scholarship was setup to help support the education of any child or young adult born with Spina Bifida. This financial scholarship is used to help obtain some specific training or pay tuition to aid in their educational, vocational or academic development. Non-scholastic scholarship: This scholarship was set up to aid individuals who desire to attend activities that provide significant developmental activities and training such as therapeutic horsemanship, wheelchair sports camp and "spina bifida summer camp". Information & Communication. Currently produces a quarterly Newsletter, and maintain a website as vehicles to provide information to all organization members. Also maintain a 1-800 phone number. This allows members outside the local area to communicate with us for information or referrals without incurring the cost of long distance phone calls. Social functions: The organization plans social events and networking functions for the families. Some events are spring and fall family weekend camp outs at the Edmund A. Babler State Park Outdoor Education Center, bowling parties, attending baseball games and annual Christmas party just to name a few. Local Medical Conferences: Occassionally the organization will hold a medical conference based upon the needs of the group. The conferences will bring in professionals to address the current issues in neurology, orthopedics and urology as they relate to the various forms of spina bifida.

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