Statement In Reference to Public Inquiries

By Council of Better Business Bureaus and Better Business Bureau Serving Metro New York

February 28, 2016

BBB ratings are dynamic and are based on an algorithm that takes into consideration a wide range of marketplace issues. All 5.3 million BBB Business Reviews include a link to an overview that explains how ratings are developed.

BBB Serving Metro New York maintains the BBB Business Review on the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (formerly Trump University). Over the years, the company’s BBB rating has fluctuated between an A+ and a D-. At this time, the status is “No Rating” because the company is believed to be out of business. Current information is reflected in the BBB Business Review, which is available online.

UPDATE March 4, 2016

A video released by Independent Journal implies that BBB sent a fax in the middle of last night’s Republican debate, which we did not. The BBB Business Review of Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (formerly Trump University) has shown “No Rating” continually since September 2015. The photo tweeted out after the debate last night did not show the current BBB Business Review or the current rating. Consumers should always check to get the latest rating and other important information about any business.