Sweepstakes Scams

Remember-- if you didn't enter a contest, you can't win a prize.
November 29, 2016

Who doesn’t dream of winning the lottery? Scammers are counting on your dreams of riches and being able to quit your job to take advantage of you with a sweepstakes scam.

In a sweepstakes scam, scammers call, mail or email consumers to tell them that they’ve won a prize—anything from a few thousand dollars, to a million dollars, to a product like a home or car. The scammer then says that in order to receive your prize, you must send them some money to pay a “processing fee,” taxes on your winnings, or for shipping and handling.  Once you send them money, the scammer is never heard from again, and you never receive your prize, or you are contacted again for another fee so scammers bait you to reach another, higher level of the prize.

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