Key Staff


President and CEO  

George M. Cartwright


Accreditation Services

Brandy Yost, COO & Accreditation Services Director

Randa Fisk, Retention Specialist

Patty Chang, Accreditation Services Specialist


Operations and Dispute Resolution Services

Rhonda Mettler, Operations Director

Darrellyn Bonstell, Arbitration & Community Outreach Director

Patty Chang, Data Quality Specialist

Penny Lumb, Information Specialist

Adelina Morente, Information Specialist

Alexis Castro, Information Specialist

Hugo Nogales, Information & Latin Community Outreach Specialist


Business Relations Executives

Dayana Arellano, Business Relations, ext 275  

Nicole Balderrama, Business Relations, ext 271

Chelsea Baldonado, Business Relations, ext.281   

Cesar Montiel, Business Relations Director, ext 273

Jane Sayers, Business Relations, ext. 225

Robert Sears, Business Relations, ext 227 

Ann Wasik, Business Relations, ext 274

DeLina Wilson, Business Relations, ext 229

Andrew Zimmermann, Business Relations, ext 235 

To contact the above BBB staff members:
Telephone: (702) 320-4500
Fax: (702) 320-4560