Colorado Institute for Social Impact


Formerly the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado Foundation, the Colorado Institute for Social Impact (CI4SI) is focused on serving social impact organizations with access to education and resources. CI4SI also seeks to increase awareness amongst consumers about these types of entities and how their money goes further when they purchase products from a social impact business. 

"Harness Social Impact to accelerate the evolution of business"

"The Social Impact Economy powers a new business definition for success"

2017 Institute Trustees

 Rocky White

 Patricia Ellis

C. Rocky White, MD
Kaiser Permanente

Vice Chair
Patricia Ellis
Silver Key Senior Services 

 Stanton Kensinger

 Tyson Nunn

Stanton Kensinger
Olive Real Estate Group, Inc.

Tyson Nunn
Nunn Construction



 Mike Fenton

 Ted Mossman

Mike Fenton
Century Communities

Ted Mossman II
Colorado Business Bank

 Mike Phillips

 Jessica Woehle

Mike Phillips
McCloskey Motors

Jessica Woehle
Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Terry Anderson
Springs Rescue Mission

Howard Brooks
Energy Resource Center

Steve Kaczmarek
Borealis Fat Bikes

Aikta Marcoulier
Pikes Peak Small Business           
Development Center

Col. Bob McLaughlin
Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence 

Bill Morris
Blue Star Recyclers

JoAnn Schmitz
Schmitz Law Firm, LLC 

Jariah Walker
City of Colorado Springs
Economic Development and CSURA   

Jeff Zearfoss
Local Relic/Common Cause Catering