In an effort to match consumers with Accredited Businesses that are committed to doing quality work, your BBB has launched E-Quote. Similar to other services that have businesses compete for your patronage, E-Quote is different in that it is only available for Accredited Businesses. Therefore, it will only match consumer requests for quotes with the top businesses in our region. The service is also unique in that it is free to our Accredited Businesses. E-Quote is an included benefit for Accredited Businesses and is not built around a per-lead cost which allows smaller local businesses a simple and reliable opportunity to generate leads within their industry. E-Quote can be activated three different ways:

  • As a header on the Accredited Business Directory
  • On the business review pages
  • By clicking here


How It Works:

  • Consumers can request a quote online through BBB's E-Quote service found on the BBB website. E-Quote now enables consumers to upload photos along with their request.
  • E-Quote will then notify a randomized list of three Accredited Businesses, relative to the inquired type of business category and location of the consumer.
  • If no businesses claim the lead within a one-hour window, three new businesses will be notified of the lead and be given the option to claim it. The system will repeat this cycle until a business has successfully claims the lead.
  • Once a business claims a lead, that business will have 24 hours to respond to the consumer with a quote.