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Dear BBB Friends,
I just had to pass this on to you; and maybe, this is one of those inspirational notes you can hang in the break room or something, your call. Whatever you do with this gift of appreciation, know this: you guys/gals have hit it out of the park this time with the new BBB "Lead Generation" gizmo. Incredible
 ... Awesome job!
You guys are priceless.
Thank you, you have a customer for life.
—Tony Romano, Estimator/Project Manager, Ransom Construction, letter received March 16, 2016


"Being a BBB member is a great answer to why someone should do business with you."
—Steven Imke, Facebook post, July 21, 2015


"Valuable tool when contacting the customer—they know you come from the BBB and that is a gold star in your cap to begin a conversation."
—Front Range Fencing & Decks, E-Quote feedback, Dec 1, 2015