Consumer Education Foundation and Programs

Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Texas' Consumer Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

The purpose of the Consumer Education Foundation is to advance and promote consumer education to the end that all segments of the public at every economic level have a better knowledge and understanding of the market place.


  Part of the Consumer Education Foundation includes impacting Southeast Texas' "future workforce" through two initiatives, Laws of Life and In Pursuit of Ethics.


Laws of Life Essay Contest

An ethics-based essay initiative that encourages junior high/middle school students to reflect and write about their “laws of life” or ideals by which they strive to live their life. Forgiveness, compassion, love, fairness and appreciation are some of the topics students write about in their essays. Students are prompted to examine their core values and through the program are given tools to help them understand and develop positive character ethics. Participating teachers provide us with feedback about their Laws of Life experience. Through the program teachers and parents better understand their students and the things that they are struggling with.

In Pursuit of Ethics LogoA highly interactive, dynamic, video-based training program that poses common ethical scenarios and questions that students encounter on a regular basis. The series promotes lively group discussion and allows participants to identify how to decide what behavior is ethical. These are audience-driven video dramatizations that demonstrate the consequences of ethical or unethical behaviors, which are geared toward high school and college level students. To watch a sample video clip of one module go to:


For more information about our educational initiatives and how it can benefit your campus, students, business and employees, please contact: Michelle Brewer, Education Foundation Director 409.835.5951 x102 or