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June 30, 2014

BBB Alert – Protect Yourself From Unethical Alarm Company Sales Tactics 

Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Texas has received information from consumers that door-to-door alarm company salespersons are operating in the SETX service area and using false information and high-pressure tactics to influence unsuspecting homeowners to enter into contractual agreements regarding home security systems.

It is not uncommon for unethical salespersons to go door-to-door with high-pressure sales tactics in an attempt to make homeowners act quickly.   They may try to convince you to sign a new home security contract by telling you that your Alarm Company or its dealers are out of business. Don’t be fooled or pressured into signing a contract.

 “A home security system is a major purchase and it is important that you research thoroughly and examine your options before making any decisions,” states Jay Sheppard, Dispute Resolution Director at Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Texas.

  • Think Safety First: If you’re home alone and don’t recognize the person, don’t open the door. If they are a legitimate company, they will leave a brochure or business card.
  • Be aware that because you have a security sign or other type of security-related advertisement in your yard, you could be a target for these types of unethical selling practices.
  • Always, always check with your own security company, or another company, first. You can even ask the sales representative to wait outside while you do this. If they are telling the truth, they won’t mind waiting.
  • Scare tactics may not work on everyone but they can affect decision-making for senior citizens and others who have no one to turn to for advice. If you believe this type of business practice is happening in your neighborhood, please call the police and let them know. They can be alerted to watch for other neighborhoods that may be having the same experience. 
  • Finally, your alarm company will alert you on changes to your service and contract. You won’t hear this information from someone who knocks at your door - especially someone who tries to scare you. If you are visited by a salesperson, write down as much as you can about them and the company they are representing, including names and phone numbers. Call the BBB to alert us and to file a complaint. We can stop these business practices by working together. 

For more information visit and check out BBB Scam Stopper.  

In Southeast Texas, call 409/835-5348 or 855/BBB-SETX