Online Sponsorships

Pricing & Benefits
Increase your Accredited Business's exposure to the highly qualified consumers visiting The BBB's Online Sponsorship program provides exclusive placement of your banner, logo, and video commercial throughout our website.

Each Online Sponsorship includes:
  • Guaranteed Minimum of 10,000 Yearly Impressions
  • Banner Ad Placement
    Featured alongside video content proves to be 10x more effective than static banner ads (sample).

  • Graphical Logo
    Premium placement on’s Business Search Pages, Home Page, & News Center (sample).

  • Video Commercial (optional)
    Your own commercial is
    played before BBB educational video content (don't have a commercial?)

Also Included:
  • Targeted Banner Placement
    Spotlight your business on the BBB's "Check out a Business" pages, and target visitors searching for your industry.

  • Monthly Reports
    Every month, receive a report on your sponsorship specific to your banner, logo, and video views

Download a 1-page brochure outlining the benefits and pricing for online sponsorships.

Available Pricing Options

$60 per month
Recurring charge via credit card, cancel anytime

12-Month Sponsorship - $490
Save $230, when you pay the full year upfront