Key Staff

Key Staff of BBB Serving the South Plains

Greg Linder, President & CEO

Greg Linder moved to Lubbock in September of 2011 to take the leadership role in the organization. Prior to coming to Lubbock, Greg worked as the Director of Marketing at BBB Serving North Central Texas in Wichita Falls.  

Elisa Haulk, Vice President | Operations

Elisa joined BBB in February of 2013. Elisa is the primary contact for BBB Accredited Businesses looking to update their company information. She is also in charge of most bookkeeping activities. 

Mandi Melville, Dispute Resolution

Mandi joined BBB in 2016 as our Dispute Resolution Specialist. Mandi is the primary point of contact for anything relating to complaints, mediation and arbitration.  

Ashley Tyler, Director of Marketing and Communications

Ashley joined BBB in November of 2017. Ashley creates and publishes content for BBB's website and social media accounts, and she also creates our materials for advertising and outreach. She also works with the media to keep the public informed about anything of interest going on in our local marketplace.

Kay Wright, Data Quality

Kay has been at BBB since 2010. Kay works to keep data updated in our files. She also responds to requests for information over the phone and in person.  

Liz Linder, Operations Support

Liz joined BBB after retiring as a CPA at the University of North Texas. Liz is responsible for updating information on Accredited Businesses.

Tom Vrska, Accredited Business Enlistment

Tom joined BBB of the South Plains in 2013. Tom has a background in insurance sales. Tom works to deliver invitations to businesses that BBB would like to have apply for BBB Accreditation.