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Whether you’re a large multi-national organization or a one-person company, BBB Accreditation will help you influence your customers and prospects—showing them you are a business they can trust.

Advantages of BBB Accreditation

Highly Influential

More than 90% of consumers recognize the BBB logo and what it stands for. When they see it attached to your brand, they know you are a business they can trust.

Competitive Edge

BBB Accreditation gives you the business advantage you need to win a contract or job or attract new customers.

Increased Exposure

Every BBB Accredited Business is listed in the BBB's online business directory, which helps increase your online exposure.

Exclusive Network

Being accredited puts you in an elite group of businesses that have proven to be the best in their industry.

Building on Trust

You will be able to take advantage of many powerful tools, designed specifically for Accredited Businesses, that drive consumers to your door through the BBB's online Business Directory, Request-a-Quote program, and other helpful tools.

Personal Attention

The BBB offers monthly newsletters, and other resources to help you excel and be the type of business consumers are after.

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  • “In a business environment where consumers have many choices, it is a benefit to stand out from the others in your field with this prestigious distinction.”

    AnnyLynn Wheeler

    A-1 Toyota

  • “I’m proud when my BBB accreditation “speaks for itself — it says TRUST” to new or potential customers.”

    Thomas Williams

    World Contact

  • “Being Accredited helps to re-enforce the higher standards of integrity and trustworthiness I govern my business by. It’s one thing to tell your customers to trust you, but actions speak louder than words...BBB Accreditation is that action.”

    Charles Lashley

    EB Counsulting

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