Life Smarts - The Ultimate Consumer Challenge


LifeSmarts is an educational program that develops the consumer and marketplace skills of teenagers in a fun way and rewards them for this knowledge. The program complements curriculum in high schools and can be used as an activity for classes, groups, clubs, and community organizations.

LifeSmarts competitions are run in a game show style and open to all teens in the U.S. in grades nine though 12. Teams of teens compete online and in state matches, with the state winners going to the national competition to vie for the LifeSmarts championship title. The national championship is held in different cities across the U.S., providing teens and coaches an opportunity to see and learn about different areas of the country.

LifeSmarts is a flexible classroom or group activity that teaches teens to be smart and responsible consumers and citizens. The content and competition questions focus on five key areas of consumer knowledge that teens need to know to function effectively in today's marketplace.

LifeSmarts participants learn about:

  • Personal Finance
  • Health and Safety
  • The Environment
  • Technology
  • Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Participants gain more than information and knowledge. They develop teamwork skills, self-esteem, verbal communication skills, and leadership abilities - and have fun in the process. LifeSmarts helps teens become better decision-makers and savvier consumers. It makes them aware of their rights and responsibilities as consumers, teaches them how to spot and avoid scams, helps them understand nutritional and other health information, and much more. Because many teens begin working during high school, LifeSmarts helps them understand workplace protections, too.