Speakers Bureau Program


The Speakers Bureau program delivers information to consumers through volunteer speakers. By retaining a highly charged group of speakers who are presenting on the latest scams and frauds, BBB is serving community and business groups.

What? BBB Speakers Bureau helps consumers recognize the telltale signs of scams. After all, there is no stronger remedy for fraud than an educated consumer who refused to be conned.

Who? At every scheduled appearance is BBB staff and a member of the San Diego business community.  These volunteer speakers range from BBB Board Members, program sponsors, and other influential businessmen and women in the community. 

How? Organizers are given a handful of presentations to choose from when scheduling with a BBB staff member, depending on what they believe would resonate most strongly with their group.  The presentations available include:

  • Top 10 Scams
  • Identity Theft
  • Internet Safety & Financial Scams
  • Scams Against Homeowners
  • Scams Against Students & Their Families
  • Scams Against Seniors

To arrange a Speakers Bureau presentation, click here.