Students: Five Job Tips Approaching Graduation

May 02, 2017

With college graduation around the corner, students nationwide may experience difficulty focusing on their finals. Thoughts of travel, unbounded freedom, and for some students, the beginning of their post-collegiate lives, precede the coming summer break.

For these students, the excitement of what is just around the corner can serve as a distraction from potential scams. This enthusiasm is appealing, and scammers are expert manipulators. Your BBB has five tips to educate students when negotiating career proposals and applying for summer jobs.

  1. Research the company. Use reliable resources to find information about an employer prior to applying and before participating in an interview. See if you can find reviews from past employees. Use the search feature on the BBB website to discover Customer Reviews.

  2. Prepare questions. After you have researched and verified the legitimacy of a company, prepare a set of questions for the interview process. Get personal and ask what the interviewer likes about working for the company. This is your chance to verify your research and gain extensive knowledge of each aspect of both the company and the position.

  3. Steer clear of false promises. It can be difficult to spot a lie, especially when you’re eager to secure a job. Watch for tactics that might intimidate or sell you into the position. Some red flags to watch for are promises of immediate promotion, owning your own office, and high requirements that threaten the opportunity altogether.

  4. Eliminate room for lies. You start your new job, and you uncover unmentioned factors. Maybe you find out the position is commission based without base pay. Maybe you realize you’ve been tricked into self-employment. If they don’t mention these major factors, they have lied by omission. Check out BBB’s Job Listing feature that allows our Accredited Businesses to post open positions.

  5. Avoid student debt scams. Although the college diploma serves as an end-all symbol, most students aren’t able to escape the debt from student loans racked up over the years. Student loan debt is peaking at $1 trillion nationally. With student debt on the rise, debt relief scams are in full effect. In an eagerness to free yourself from the grip of debt, don’t allow the promises of student-directed debt scammers to add to your plate. Check in with BBB prior to pursuing debt relief services.

To our future graduates, BBB congratulates you on your successes to come! BBB encourages you to utilize our search tool services on while tracking a reliable place to work. We look forward to your contributions to the trustworthy businesses serving your San Diego, Orange, and Imperial Counties.