Scammers on Facebook Marketplace

October 27, 2017

When making purchases with a seller online, be able to identify a scam. Your Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties is warning you of recent Facebook Marketplace reports in BBB Scam Tracker. These reports are gravitated towards but not limited to bigger purchase items such as automobiles. The seller isn’t able to meet with you to make the transaction, instead vowing that they’re using third-parties like “eBay” and “Amazon.” It may be that the item for sale is merely a ploy to steal your money for nothing in return. Like with any purchase, make sure you are able to view questionable items in person before surrendering your money. Save yourself the hassle of back-and-forth sellers and turn away from the deal when the talking carries on. For more information on the recent Facebook Marketplace reports and how to evade scams, click here.

If you find that you might be a victim of a Facebook Marketplace scam, follow these instructions. Note: Facebook, eBay and are BBB Accredited Businesses.