Prevent and Control Pests With These Tips

August 25, 2017

As the weather changes, the Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties has pest control tips for home and business owners avoiding emerging pests.

Summertime awakens a variety of pests and as they become active, you might notice an increase of visitors in your home or business. Methods of pest control have existed for centuries, but forms of removal that are safe for residents and customers are important with today’s chemically oriented tactics.

Last year, 3,500 complaints were filed against pest control services with the BBB. Of these complaints, 47 originated in San Diego. As pests escape the outdoor conditions and make way indoors, ensure that you are taking the proper steps to prevent and manage unwanted guests.

Rather than reacting to a developing problem that requires professional attention, BBB suggests the following tips for pest prevention:

  • Examine the perimeter of your property. Remove sources of standing water and identify faulty plumbing that operates as breeding grounds.

  • Eliminate entry to the interior by repairing holes in window screens and trimming shrubbery a fair distance from the foundation of the building.

  • Avoid practices that welcome insects that have found their way in. Clutter and items in recycling that have not been rinsed are attractive hiding places.

  • Comb through the fur of animals regularly to check for hitchhikers that embed in the skin and end up indoors.

Regardless of prevention, you are likely to encounter insects and rodents that have maneuvered their way indoors seeking conditions ideal to the species. Increased numbers of summer fruit flies, wasps, and ants are manageable with proper maintenance and awareness of environment preference.

During these months of travel, bed bugs are increasingly apparent as they are transferred between destinations by nestling into the fabrics of visitors. If you plan on spending time outdoors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns to thoroughly check children and animals for ticks to reduce chances of tick-borne disease. Using insect repellant in defense against mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus is also stressed by the CDC. However, large quantities of pests lead to infestations resulting in problematic damage or disease.

For business owners, the removal of pests is imperative as to not impact the flow of business. If an extermination is necessary, a business might be closed for a period of time to allow for fumigation. The reputation of the company is impacted and money is lost.

If you find that you are dealing with an infestation, BBB recommends the following tips for residential and commercial pest control.

  • Before agreeing to the exterminator’s recommendation, research the type of pest and the degree of infestation.

  • Compare methods of removal to extremity of infestation to best weigh options in terms of time and cost.

  • Seek the knowledge of multiple professionals before deciding which pest control service to do business with.

  • Search BBB Accredited pest control services in your area to compare reviews, complaints, and services of trustworthy businesses.

Your BBB wants to make sure your home or business remains a comfortable place free of pests. Prevention is your best bet against an escalated matter and loss of time. If involved in a singular encounter with an insect, take necessary measures to safeguard the probability of an infestation. Reference our Accredited Business Directory to find a pest control service you can trust in San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties.