Man’s Best Friend: How to Return the Ultimate Favor

June 22, 2017

The big and the furry. The clumsy and the cute. Pets vary in personality and texture, but one thing remains true: unconditional love for their humans. Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties is celebrating the adorable endeavors of our best friends.

Where does the journey with your animal companion begin? Adopting an animal frees up space for other destitute animals. A life is saved, and the price of adoption is used by shelters to sustain these animals and preserve the environment in which they wait for their adoptive families. When purchasing an animal from pet stores or online ads, there is a likely risk that the animal originates from a cruel domain. In these environments, animals are kept in unsanitary and disease ridden cages that damage their development and hinder their success once in a home. Spaying or neutering pets can help to prevent overpopulation and increase the chance for animals already existent. Profit is sometimes put above welfare, and unimaginable conditions are real for those that depend on our care.

Since domesticated animals rely on us to take care of them, it is important that we know how to address each one of their needs. Proper care of pets depends on the individual, and an early visit to the veterinarian can lay out expectations and care instructions. Setting up regular visits with a trusted veterinarian can ensure continued health maintenance. Adjust diet for your pet based on age and need. Fresh, clean water should be made available to pets both inside and out. If you have a pet that lives in an aquarium or habitat, clean this space regularly to protect them from sickness. If an animal is primarily kept outdoors, provide a space that is formattable to the elements. Once night falls, bring animals indoors to protect them from predators as big birds and coyotes are known to thief our smaller friends. Maintain the area in which your pets relieve themselves; many animals can be trained to eliminate the possibility of indoor accidents. To ensure the wellness and happiness of our pets, proper care is essential.

Humans get a majority of the credit in the relationship between owners and pets. Pets are entitled to recognition for their ability to improve the physical, emotional, and psychological health of their people. Generally speaking, animals lessen feelings of loneliness and bestow a feeling of purpose to those who are taking care of them. Owners feel fulfilled and less stressed when around animals. These feelings can translate into the improvement of every-day life. Trained service animals target the needs of those they serve on a daily basis. Emotional support animals are similar in that they provide security and ease for their owners with regular support. The benevolence of our pets is carried out in waves.

Above all else, invest in your pets as they invest in you. As summer temperatures near, ensure that pets are not left outside for long periods of time or taken for walks on concrete that can cause severe damage to the pads of their feet. Check your local BBB for accredited shelters and veterinary offices.