Five Tips for Finding Fitness Facilities

July 10, 2017

San Diego holds spot number ten for fittest city in America and its citizens are regularly looking for ways to break a sweat. Your Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties received thousands of complaints against fitness centers during the last year. During this period, residents took to our website to search BBB Business Reviews for fitness centers, health clubs, and gyms.

“Plenty of gym membership promotions come up around the summer,” said Michael Sedio, Vice President of Operations at the Better Business Bureau. “Many are aspiring to get in shape for the summer so we want to make sure they avoid any setbacks in their workouts and make the right membership purchase.”

Your BBB has the following tips for choosing the optimal space for your workouts:

Evaluate your priorities to determine what you are looking for in a fitness facility. Are extended hours and convenient location imperative factors? Do you desire a diverse range of aerobic classes or equipment? Are there specific perks you would like to have at your disposal?

Ask about free trials. Gyms typically grant a free one-week pass. Use it! This will allow you to test out the space and atmosphere. You may also consider attending at different times of the day to get a feel for the crowd dynamic.

Check our website for business reviews on more than 15,000 health clubs, fitness centers, and gyms. Discover what consumers have had to say about their experience with the business.

Calculate the total yearly cost. Introductory rates sometimes apply for first time guests but might expire after a period of time. It is wise to measure the total expense including the monthly cost after the initial rates cease.

Understand the terms and conditions before signing. Contracts should be inclusive of everything that was verbally conveyed by the sales person. Inquire about contract cancellation and decipher how this will impact your investment.

Check with your employer for deals with local gyms and recreational facilities. Once you have a general understanding of what to expect financially, compare memberships to ensure that quality and cost are level with your expectations.