Guest Blog: Backyard BBQ Tips You Need to Know!

May 10, 2017

In Southern California, it’s just about summer all year round. Like the rest of the U.S., we really heat up our grills from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Here are a few tips to help you throw a Backyard Barbecue party without stress or hassle.

Meats, Drinks, Snacks, Oh My!

With a group of friends together in the same spot, there’s no doubt to be at least one person with some sort of dietary restriction, and that’s OK! Follow these steps to plan for any type of restrictions from your guests- and don’t forget the coals for the BBQ!

  • Have Options- Make sure to cover the basics: burgers, hot dogs, and some sort of plant based option such as a veggie burger. You’ll want to read the ingredients to make sure those veggie burgers are vegan friendly just in case! Don’t forget to include some options for snacks. Keep it easy with chips and salsa and some veggie sticks with hummus/dip. Oh yeah, add the buns + condiments to the list!

  • Delegate to make it easy on yourself!- Don’t be afraid to let your guests know ahead of time that you’ll be assigning one thing to each of them. Create a spreadsheet (Google Sheets works amazing) of everything you need in one column, share the doc, and let your guests fill in their names as to what they will be bringing to the feast! Let them know that you’ll be covering the meats + ice if they cover the condiments, snacks, and beer, or however you decide.

  • Don’t Drink + Drive- If your guests plan on drinking, make sure they plan a ride for the end of the night ahead of time.

Clean up that yard!

With hosting any type of party or event, the inevitable cleaning challenge arises, both before and after the party.

Seriously though. Do you think you’ll actually have time to clean up both the back yard and the house? Use paper plates to make it an easy clean up for your guests to toss anything when they're done.


Lastly, you’ve got to prep how to entertain your guests for the duration of your BBQ. Even if everyone ends up standing around talking, it’s best to set up a few things to get your group laughing. You can even make it extra fun and set up teams for a tournament!

  • Jumbo Jenga - An Easy DIY that will definitely keep your guests on their toes.
  • Corn Hole- Who doesn’t love a good game of corn hole
  • Bocce Ball-  A party favorite so long you have some good yard space to work with! Definitely not made for small yards or patios!
  • Set a Playlist- No party or BBQ is the same without a good playlist. It’s time to break out that 80’s playlist or the oldies to ensure a good time.
  • Hire a DJ- If your budget exists and you really want to get your groove on, posting a local gig for a DJ will be sure to get everyone movin’!

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