Guest Blog: Use the Internet to Raise Your Local Shopping Game

August 03, 2016

Many things have changed dramatically since the internet came along, and the way we shop is one of the activities that has changed most radically! You can shop local, you can haunt flea markets, and you can find the best of everything – all with the help of the internet. If you like to shop savvy, let us show you where to look online before you hit the road.

Everyone Loves A Deal
Sure, you can still cut paper coupons with actual scissors, or you can search every coupon, everywhere, for every product, ever. You can cast a broad net for deals near you, or you can zero in on coupons for exactly what you’re looking for. You can browse the sites, or sign up for emails to come directly to you.

  • Deals at local businesses near you are available on:
  • You can find online coupons and deals for national retailers, chains and online stores, too. Deals can include percentages off or dollar amounts off your purchases - usually valid both in store and online. Browse these sites

Using local deals sites helps you discover new local businesses, or hidden gems that everyone else loves. It's another great way to explore your neighborhood!

Flea Market Maven?
Do you love to haggle, dicker or bargain? Then you can't miss with this list:

  • Kobey's Swap Meet - you already know about this local institution every weekend at the Sports Arena. Do you know they offer coupons too?
  • Not close to Sports Arena? For lists of different indoor and outdoor flea markets near you, try

Gift Card Gold Mine
Ever get a gift card you just can’t use? Sometimes you end up with a card for a store that doesn’t have what you want, with no way to use the card at the store you’d rather go to. The internet makes gift card swapping so easy. Sell cards you don’t want, and buy the ones you do want at these sites:

You may not be ready to adopt all these new skills and strategies at once, but give just one or two a try. Soon, you’ll be hooked on using the internets, and shopping like a ninja!


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