Guest Blog: Seasonal Hiring - Getting a Hand to Handle the Holiday Rush

December 07, 2016

Businesses, both large and small, often hire additional employees to supplement their workforce during extra busy periods, especially around the holidays. Nevertheless, if you need extra talent for your seasonal workforce, you don't have to travel the traditional route.

You'll Need Extra Hands

2016 seasonal hire projections from Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc., a group of global outplacement consultants, suggest that more than 700,000 seasonal retail positions will be needed this holiday season. Target alone plans to add about 70,000 people to their workforce for the holidays. Your business needs are likely to increase as well.

Those in your community will be buying extra gifts and needing extra services. Although there is a steady shift toward online shopping, it doesn’t completely alleviate the need for more help. It simply shifts the focus. Here is what CEO John Challenger has to say in a CNBC article:

"In addition to steady hiring leading up to the holiday season, changes in the way consumers shop are making it possible for stores to meet increased holiday demand with fewer extra workers. When retailers do add holiday workers, fewer of those jobs are in traditional spots, such as sales clerk or cashier."

Many jobs may be associated with filling online orders, which calls for stocking and shipping positions – typical warehouse labor. Other positions may be more specialized, such as IT workers to establish a holiday website.

Hiring Freelancers is Smart
Hiring freelancers just makes sense. Why?:

It's quick and cost-effective.

Seasonal hires are only needed for short stints. You're not looking for fulltime, permanent employees. So, why should you go through the extra cost and effort of full background checks, lengthy paperwork and payroll processing? Selecting and hiring a freelancer through Band of Hands takes only minutes. You save time and money, so you can apply those resources elsewhere.

You can change your staffing selection without a hassle.

According to Ian Kerner, a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in couple’s therapy and has appeared on the Dr. Oz show, a good dating period before becoming engaged is about one or two years, and that does not count the amount of time from engagement to marriage.

Although hiring a permanent employee during your busy season is not the same as getting married, it does involve commitment, and the consequences of hiring the wrong person through traditional means can be dire. Not only is it a poor fit for you and your clientele, but it can also be economically disastrous because of all of the financial resources and time expenditures that have already gone into the hiring process.

If you happen to choose the wrong freelancer through Bands of Hands, you can end the working relationship as quickly as it started. You don’t even have to go through the discomfort of a lengthy exit interview. The person receives the pay for his or her completed work through the electronic platform, and you can move on to a person who is a better fit for your seasonal needs.

Your staffing level can be as flexible as you need it to be.

Because of the spike in business that typically occurs seasonally, you may need to momentarily double or even triple your work force. However, seasons will change. When you hire freelancers, once your workload settles down to its normal pace, you can quickly readjust your staffing numbers. Likewise, if your heavier business needs last longer than projected, you will have the workers available.

Regardless of the type of seasonal job or task that you have in mind, Band of Hands can help you find the workers you need quickly, easily and economically. For more information, please visit